Sparkling Cascara

On a hot day, beginning of Summer, there is nothing better than a nice refreshing beverage. Now as much as i love a filter every minute of every day, sometimes its just too hot. We had some Cascara hanging around from the Finca Hartmann farm, and decided to have a shot at a sparkling cascara iced tea. This particular cascara was quite exciting for us, coming from one of our favourite beans from the Panama Finca Farms, the Geisha Auromar. Packing a punch of fruity goodness as a filter, this brought a lot of excitement as an iced tea.┬áThe brew began with a hot brew, then poured over ice, then infused with carbon dioxide. The results were fantastic and quenched the thirst and gave refreshment, and best of all, we were still drinking coffee! Now dont worry that you don’t have any Finca cascara hanging around your house, luckily for you, ALT T has done the hard work and we plan to roll this out across all of our outlets! Let us know if you want some and we will see what we can do for you!


ALT T Specialty Coffee Team

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